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Stormy, stormy, stormy February


Not quite a fair reflection of the month

looking back at my diary we didn’t have that many freezing nights, a skiff of snow, the excessive rain water that was saturating the nursery over December and January had started to disappear - almost got the digger in and then we had storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin! February was doing so well up until then. It will be a while before we get the digger in to help with drainage I think - hey ho

As expected March is bringing us the full range of spring weather - rain | sun | rain | frost | rain | wind | rain | sun… the polytunnel has recorded over 30 degrees already! Poor seedlings - I cringe when I see what temperature range they have to go through at this time of the year, from -3 to + 30 in 24 hours. Thankfully they are all hardy perennials.


It is all go at the nursery

Seeds are germinating, cuttings are rooting and divisions are filling their pots. I got through February’s propagation schedule, on time with days to spare - not sure I will be gloating come the end of this month or April, but I will gloat for now while I can.


The first glimmer of spring flowers are starting to appear

The Bergenias both rotblum and 'Bressingham White' are starting to show their flowers to compliment their lovely winter foliage. Omphalodes verna ‘Alba’ is also giving a sprinkle of delicate white flowers, and Primula veris is almost out... but the star of the show at the moment has to be Anemone pavonina, which opened up this weekend and is dazzling the poly tunnel with it’s Ruby red flower, I can't wait to see what other colours we will get from the rest of the plants, as they come in many shades of red, pink, blue and white.


The website has been tweaked

and will continue to be tweaked because that is my nature I think. Now I just need to start letting people know we exist rather than hiding it away and worrying.

Our first market, at Inns Cross, was last Saturday, the weather was kind - we had glorious blue skies so it was a fresh, bright day with lots of friendly faces from people we met last year. We will be doing a Click and Collect service for customers visiting the Inns Cross Market. So you can have a look at our range of plants, buy online and we will bring them to the market for you ready to take home and plant.

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