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Spring is teasing us this year...


One minute the sun is splitting the trees,

and then it starts raining and doesn't seem to stop! Thankfully there is a lot of plant tidying, potting on and propagating happening at the moment, so I can hide inside the poly tunnel when it is really awful... it tried snowing this morning! Thankfully all our plants are hardy perennials and given little to no protection from us, so they can take all the seasons that is being thrown at them


During February and March I updated the website

I wanted to add collections, conditions plants will tolerate in your garden and an A - Z to hopefully make it easier to find plants when ordering online. It will always be work in progress, I still have about another 100 plants to add to the site, that are ready to find new homes... never mind the plants that are in propagation and rooting away already. Don't forget you can order online and we will deliver locally, or post the plants out to you. They are the perfect size right now with only a little top growth showing through. I check all plants for healthy roots and shoots before posting and give them a seaweed drink the help them on their way.


I am still making plant discoveries in the garden

I love seeing what is coming up each month, and allocating which ones can stay (for now) and which ones to dig up and propagate from ... don't worry, they will all make their way back into the garden after I produce some young plants for the nursery


April is a great month for planting and getting the garden ready for summer

the soil temperature will start to warm up, making it more enticing for young roots to venture into and the days are lengthening. Spring flowers are opening up and bringing lots of colour to the garden


Save the dates ...

We have a very exciting and busy month ahead, during April we will be at the following

Inns Cross Farmers Market on Saturday 6th April

This is a lovely monthly Farmers Markets with great local, seasonal artisan food producers, artisan Skin Care producers, candle markers and other sustainable products. It is always on the first Saturday of the Month from 10am until 2 pm

Garden Show Ireland, Spring Plant Fair on Saturday 13th April

National Trust Spring Plant Fair on Saturday 20th April

Wishing all Potters Hill Plant friends a hopping Easter with some sunny spells for gardening x

Victoria x


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