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Verbena hastata ‘Rosea’

Verbena hastata ‘Rosea’


Clump forming herbaceous perennial.  Tall stems bear purple / pink flowers mid summer through to early autumn.  More hardier than other Verbenas.

  • Botanical Name

    Verbena hastata ‘Rosea’

  • Cultivation

    Really needs to be in full sun to do well and prefers moderately fertile soil that is moist but well drained.  It will not enjoy sitting wet in cold winter months.

  • Pot Size and Price

    9cm is 4.00

    1l is  6.00

    2l is 8.00

  • Additional information

    Bees and butterflies love this plant.  Looks great in a mixed border, at the back with the flowers towering above smaller plants.

  • Height and Spread

    1.5 x .60

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