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Verbena bonariensis

Verbena bonariensis


A very tall flowering herbaceous perennial with mostly basal leaves and branches of purple topped flowers that appear from mid to late summer through to the first frosts.  This is a great plant for naturalistic or prairie gardens or at the back of a herbaceous border. I love it planted in amongst Stipa gigantea or Perovskia 

  • Common Name

    purple top vervian, argentinian vervian

  • Height and Spread

    1.5m x .45m

  • Cultivation

    It prefers full sun and moist but well drained fertile soil.  Possibly protect with a dry mulch in very cold winters.  We leave the flower stalks on the plant to bring interest to the garden in winter - they are key plants in many frosty morning photos.  Cut back in spring when you can see the new growth appearing.

  • Additional information

    It is a great flower for wildlife - bees and butterflies are drawn to the purple flowers and the seeds are good for some birds.  It can be used in informal, naturalistic flower arrangements, and it drops a lovely purple confetti.

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