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Flower spike of Teucrium hircanicum 'Purple Tails'

Teucrium hircanicum 'Purple Tails'


This is a brilliant flowering herbaceous perennial, is semi evergreen with aromatic grey green slightly rough leaves.  Tall, narrow spikes of flowers appear summer through to autumn.  It is a good flower for cutting.

  • Common Name

    Caucasian Germander, Wood Sage

  • Height and Spread

    0.60m x 0.60m

  • Cultivation

    Grows best in full sun, will tolerate part shade but you may get less flowers.  Moist but well drained soil and it is written that it will tolerate drought when established, not something we experience a lot of here!

    Prune in the spring to tidy up and shape.

    Propagation can be done by soft or semi ripe cuttings. Will also self seed

  • Additional Information

  • Great For

    Cottage garden, flower beds and borders, perennial cutting garden, coastal gardens

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