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Senecio candidans 'Angels Wings'

Senecio candidans 'Angels Wings'


Senecio 'Angels Wings' is a very striking evergreen, herbaceous perennial.  It has downey, large silver leaves throughout the year. Small yellow flowers appear in summer but if grown for the silver foliage only, they can be removed.  Works well in a flower border and also in containers.

  • Common Name

    Angels Wings

  • Height and Spread

    0.40m x 0.40m

  • Cultivation

    Senecio 'Angels Wings' is best grown in a sunny spot in moist but well drained compost.  It is hardy but it will not do well in a damp, frost pocket.

    It is generally maintenance free, removal of the odd dead leaves helps keep it looking fresh.

  • Great For

    Containers - as an individual plant or with other flowering plants.  I have a collection of silver / white plants in a large pot and it works well with them.

    Can be used in flowering borders, gravel gardens, cottage gardens and as it is tolerate of salty sea air, it will work well in costal gardens too.

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