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Primula japonica ‘Candelebra Hybrids’

Primula japonica ‘Candelebra Hybrids’


Deciduous perennial with large pale green leaves, the flower spikes rise up 25cm above the leaves and can range from red, purple to white.  They appear in late spring / early summer

  • Botanical Name

    Primula japonica ‘Candelebra Hybrids’

  • Common Name

    Japanese Primrose

  • Cultivation

    Grows best in part or full shade.  As it is a woodland plant it prefers humus rich, moist soil.  It can take more sun but the soil really needs to be moist all the time.

  • Pot Size and Price

    9cm is 4.00, 1L is 6.00, 2L is 8.00

  • Height and Spread

    .45 x .45

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