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Pachyphragma macrophyllum

Pachyphragma macrophyllum


Excited to have this shade loving woodland plant.  It has glossy, green leaves all year round and then in early spring, delicate white flowers appear on short stems.  This is a great groundcover plant that will bring light to shady spots.  Works well under trees and shrubs.

  • Common Name

    Can't seem to find one!

  • Height and Spread

    .40m x .50m

  • Cultivation

    Grows well in rich soil - think lots of rotting leaves under trees, in shade or part shade.  It really requires minimal maintenance, maybe a tidy up of ragged leaves in spring if they bother you but they will probably take care of themselves.  Slugs don't seem to be a problem at the nursery but I thought I had lost some when the rabbits got in - they did get nibbled but seem to be coming back ok.

  • Additional Information

    Great woodland plant, or for under trees and shrubs in a mixed border. Will bring fresh white colour in a shady spot in spring and will spread nicely to help supress weeds.

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