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Origanum vulgare

Origanum vulgare


Oregano is a small, bushy herbaceous perennial with aromatic leaves and small white or pink flowers.  It is from the mediterreanan and used in many dishes bringing an aromatic, earthy / spicy flavour to them.  I love this plant as it not only goes into a lot of our cooking, fresh or dried, but it also looks nice in a container or border, can be used as a filler in small jam jar flower arrangements and it is loved by bees and other pollinators.

  • Common Name


  • Height and Spread

    0.5 - 1 m x 0.5 - 1m

  • Cultivation

    As it is from the Mediterranean it likes to grow in a sunny part of the garden with well drained soil. It also works well in containers.  Cut it back down when flowers stems are over and woody.

  • Additional Information

    Bees love Oregano as do other pollinators.

    Great to have your own oregano rather than supermaket bought from a herb jar.  Use it fresh or cut it back, tie it in bunches, hang it up to dry.  Once dry the leaves can be removed from the woody stems easily.  It can also be chopped and frozen in freezer bags, to be used as and when.

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