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Kirengeshoma palmata

Kirengeshoma palmata


An exotic looking herbaceous perennial that is fully hardy and tolerates part shade or full shade.  Great palmate leaves apprear first making it an interesting foliage plant, then in late summer through autumn, pale yellow bell shaped flowers open up.  Grows to 1.2m in a year and dies back in the winter months.

  • Common Name

    Yellow Wax Bells

  • Height and Spread

    1.2m x 0.75m

  • Cultivation

    Grows well in partial shade and will tolerate full shade too. It prefers moist, lime free soil and a good well rotting mulch will help build a mumus rich soil.  Shelter from winds - Rowallene have a lovely one growing in the walled garden - it gets very big in its protected spot.  It is fully hardy

  • Additional Information

  • Great For

    Woodland garden, shade / part shade garden, flower beds, mixed border

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