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Geum triflorum

Geum triflorum


Clump forming herbaceous perennial.  It has blue / green fern-like leaves that can turn red in winter before dying back.  Delicate reddish pink flowers appear in late spring, early summer followed by wispy, silvery pink seed heads.  Making them a plant with a long season of interest

  • Botanical Name

    Geum triflorum

  • Common Name

    Priarie Smoke Plant, Old Mans Whiskers

  • Height and Spread

     0.45 m x 0.30 m

  • Cultivation

    Geum triflorum prefers well drained, fertile soil in full sun or part shade.  It enjoy cooler temperatures like our summers but doesn’t like sitting wet during cold winter spells.

  • Pot Size and Price

    9cm is 4.00, 1L is 6.00, 2L is 8.00

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