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Stipa gigantea

Stipa gigantea


Dense tufts of grass that a evergreen / semi evergreen.  The linear leaves are about 70cm long and mid green in colour.  The bristle flower heads start off creamy green and turn golden oat colour in the autumn.

  • Botanical Name

    Stipa gigantea

  • Common Name

    Pheasants Tail Grass

  • Cultivation

    Grown in moderately fertile soil that is well drained, add additional horticultural sand or grit if you have heavy soils. Comb out the old leaves in Spring and cut back old flowers.

  • Additional information

    Flowers are great in large informal flower arrangements either free or dried.  A very dramatic grass that looks well in a shrub border if a contrast to shape and form is wanted.  Also looks well planted in groups in a large garden, with other groups of grasses.

  • Height and Spread

    2.5m x 1.2m

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