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Geum 'Totally Tangerine' PBR

Geum 'Totally Tangerine' PBR


Geums are billiant hardy perennials that bring colour to the garden during may, when some of the bulbs are starting to fade and they keep on flowering for a long time, well into the autumn.


Geum Totally Tangerine sends out masses of orange flowers from May through to autumn, one of mine by the sun room hardly stops flowering - only in deep winter.  A very low maintenance flower.

  • Height and Spread

    0.75m x 0.50m

  • Cultivation

    Grow in fertile soil that is moist but well drained.  It will need watered if grown in pots during dry spells.  Will grow in full sun or light shade.

    Deadhead the flowers regularly to keep them flowering.

  • Additional Information

    Divisions can be done easily in spring or autumn

  • Common Name

    Avens Totally Tangerine

  • Great For

    Great flower for cutting and arranging, it lasts well in a vase.  Colours fade beautifully.

    Can be used at the front of a flower border or in a large rock garden or as part of a large container planting scheme.

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