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Geum Bell Bank

Geum Bell Bank


This is a lovely more compact geum, like the others it is fully hardy yet has the most daintiest of flowers.  It only grows to about 45 cm.  It's flowers are bell shaped and slightly nodding coppery pink.  Even though the flowers are held on dainty stems, they can be used in a bud vase arrangement.  Bee friendly.

  • Common Name

    Avens 'Bell Bank'

  • Height and Spread

    0.45 x 0.50

  • Cultivation

    Grow in moist well drained soil, full sun or dappled shade.  It prefers a cooler part of the garden and not sitting in water logged soil.

    Dead head to keep flowering

    Divisions can be done easily in spring or autumn

  • Additional Information

  • Great For

    Rock gardens, front of a herbaceous border, flower garden, bee friendly garden

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