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Geranium ‘Dreamland’ (Bremdream) PBR

Geranium ‘Dreamland’ (Bremdream) PBR


This is a creeping hardy geranium that not only looks pretty spilling over the edge of a path or border with it's pale pink flowers, it is also a brilliant weed supressor... what is not to love.  It flowers from May through to the autumn and is loved by bees.  Works well in containers too. I will be adding more of this Geranium to my garden this year.

  • Common Name


  • Height and Spread

    0.30m x 0.40m

  • Cultivation

    Grows well in most conditions, moist but well drained soil full sun or part shade.  I am testing it in all conditions at home and it seems to be doing well

    Division can be done in spring. Tidy up after flowering in late autumn

  • Great For

    Ground cover, front of border, pots, cottage garden, shady garden, wildlife garden

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