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Cyclamen coum 'Rubrum'

Cyclamen coum 'Rubrum'


Cyclamen coum 'Rubrum' is a lovely winter / early spring flowering hardy perennial.  The heart shaped green leaves have lovely silver markings and they appear first, followed by the deep magenta pink flowers.  Although they look delicate, they are very robust, hardy plants.  They will bring a lovely splash of colour to you garden during dark winter months.  They are best planted in drifts, under trees where they can shine out, or in little shaded pockets or pots around your garden.

  • Common Name

    Sow Bread

  • Height and Spread

    0.1m x 0.1m

  • Cultivation

    Cyclamen coum is best grown in part shade and humus rich soil.  Under deciduous trees and shrubs that provide dappled shade during winter, and dry shade during their dormant summer months.  A mulch with well rotten leafmould would also be beneficial each year.  Moist but well drained soil.

  • Great For

    Woodland gardens, shaded nooks or planted in a group in pots in a shaded part of the garden.

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