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Carex testacea 'Priarie Fire'

Carex testacea 'Priarie Fire'


A lovely grass that is quite dense with arching, narrow leaves that are bright green with orange tips - during autumn and winter the orange intensifies.  This grass is great for perennial containers, bringing colour and structure all year round with minimal maintenance required.  It definintely warms up the poly tunnel during dark, winter months.

  • Common Name

    Orange New Zealand Sedge 'Priarie Fire'

  • Height and Spread

    0.5m x 0.5m

  • Cultivation

    Grow in moist but well drained soil or compost.  It will not like sitting wet during cold winter months and has a tendency to sulk and rot off.  Also, give it a drink, especially if in a container during dry summer spells.  Full sun or part shade is ok.  Cut out dead leaves as and when

  • Additional Information

    This is a brilliant shorter grass, bringing colour and artitecture to gardens and containers.  Great in mixed herbaceous planting, perennial pots, gravel gardens, naturalistic planting schemes etc.

    Can be divided in early summer to increase your numbers.  Seedlings may also appear in your garden.

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