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Bergenia 'Dragonfly Angel Kiss’

Bergenia 'Dragonfly Angel Kiss’


This Bergenia is a great, compact evergreen, rhizomatous perennial with glossy green leaves during summer months that darken and taken on red / purple tints during the winters.  Beautiful white flowers appear in early spring that fade to pale pink.  Loved by bees and as it is more compact that some other Bergenia, it works well in containers too.  I am keeping some for my garden, so limited stock available until I can propagate again.  Fully Hardy.

  • Common Name

    Elephant’s ear, Elephants Ear 'Angel Kiss'

  • Height and Spread

    0.25 x 0.30

  • Cultivation

    Best grown in moist but well-drained, humus-rich soil in sun or partial shade. Dislikes hot, dry conditions but tolerates poor soil and exposed sites.

    Remove old flower spikes and damaged or dead leaves.

    Fully hardy

  • Additional information

    Bee friendly, it has been awarded the RHS Plants for Pollinators Award.  As it is compact it also works well in containers.  Good in shade, at the front of a flower border, under trees,

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