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Alchemilla mollis

Alchemilla mollis


A. mollis is an herbaceous perennial forming a clump of softly hairy, light green leaves with scalloped and toothed edges. Small, acid green /  yellow spray of flowers sit just above the foliage from early summer through to early autumn..

A great filler for flower arranging, I absolutely love this plant. Good ground cover and drought tolerant.

  • Botanical Name

    Alchemilla mollis

  • Common Name

    Lady’s Mantle

  • Height and Spread

    Up to 0.5m x 0.5m

  • Cultivation

    It will grow in moist soils, is fully hardy and tolerates full sun and part shade.  Cut back in the autumn when it starts to look a bit ragged.  We also give some of the plants a mid summer chop if they are looking sad and you generally get another flush of foliage.  It is pretty in containers too.

  • Pot Size and Price

    9cm is 4.00, 1L is 6.00, 2L is 8.00

  • Additional Information

    I use both the leaves and flowers in arrangements.  The flowers are a great, airy lime green filler in arrangements.  I also love them in the garden and in pots.  Watch how water droplets sit on the leaves in the morning

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