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Agastache rugosa 'Little Adder'

Agastache rugosa 'Little Adder'


This Agastache 'Little Adder' is a great flowering perennial to add to your borders or containers.  It has small aromatic green leaves - smelling of Aniseed, and spikes of lavender colour flowers.  Attractive to bees and butterflies and flowers for a long time during summer months.

  • Common Name

    Anise Hyssop, Korean Mint

  • Height and Spread

    0.5m x 0.5m

  • Cultivation

    Agastaches are best grown in full sun, moist but well drained soil.  They will not tolerate sitting wet during cold winters.  Protection may be required, during very frosty weather

  • Additional Information

    Loved by bees and butterflies

  • Great For

    Drought gardens, gravel gardens, containers, mixed borders

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