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Actea simple Atropurpurea

Actea simple Atropurpurea


Actea simplex Atropurpurea is a brilliant plant for brining constrasting foliage into the garden.  Dark purple / green leaves appear in the late spring, followed by very tall spikes of soft pinkish / white flowers in the autumn - its a great looking flower for this time of year and the purple buds are pretty too.  I use both the leaves and flowers in arrangements.  Loved by bees

  • Common Name

    baneberry Atropurpurea, Cimicifuga simplex Atropurpurea - the name I still go back to using!

  • Height and Spread

    1.5m x 1m

  • Cultivation

    Grow in sun or part shade in moist but well drained soil.  I doesn't really like drying out so a good mulch of rotten organic matter will help retain moisture and feed it. Water during very dry spells

    Cut back after flowers and leave have died back

    Division can be done in the spring

  • Great For

    Cottage garden, shade garden, flower beds, cutting garden, wildflower garden

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