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Our Ethics

We propagate lots of our perennial plants ourselves from division, cuttings and seeds.  Our seeds are sourced from Ireland and England and young plug plants that we bring in to grow on are from Co. Kildare. 

All our plants have not travelled far and this is important to us.

We are passionate about hardy perennials as they come back year after year, getting bigger and better. From one seed sowing, cutting or division, you can get a plant that brings colour, structure, movement to the garden for more than one year and many will attract beneficial insects into the garden. All of the plants we grow are tried and tested by us over the years and are reliable, hardy plants.  Some die back in the autumn / winter and reappear the following spring.


Most not only look good in the garden but also work well in pots for a more sustainable pot display.

We grow our plants in Peat Free compost, using organic, slow release feed and liquid Irish Seaweed feed during the growing season.  We do not use chemicals on our plants.  I spray an organic plant health mix (learnt from Jekka McVicar when I was just starting out) onto plants if aphids, sooty mould, black spots etc appears. 


I do not expect plants to be perfect, like us they too have to battle against problems - ours do it naturally, with predators and a little soapy mix.

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