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Verbena officinalis var grandiflora 'Bampton'

Verbena officinalis var grandiflora 'Bampton'


An architectural, upright perennial with fine branches bearing purple / pink flower spikes during summer and into autumn.  Also has interesting purple / green foliage.  I really am starting to love this Verbena in both pots and borders.  It self seeds brilliantly

  • Common Name

    Verbena 'Bampton', Vervain 'Bampton'

  • Height and Spread

    1.0m x 0.75m

  • Cultivation

    As with all verbenas, it needs full sun and moist but well drained soil to do well.

  • Additional Information

    Pollinator friendly, so great for a wildlife friendly garden.  Also good for mixed borders, gravel / naturalistic gardens, coastal gardens.  I'm waiting to see if it is like the other Verbenas and has a good vase life for natural flower arrangements.

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